Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Joe Dahl

The mind is a fragile thing. Golfers know.

Intention meets reality: disciplined practice, play and putting vs. job, kids and complaining spouses, none aware of our bruised egos, bent self esteem and warming bomb-grade tempers.

The Kingdom of Golf waited for Bryce Molder. One of four collegiate players named to the first team All-American list four consecutive years, Molder left Georgia Tech to take his throne. But wait, after a third place finish in his first tour event his train left the tracks: tempting tips from golf’s muckety-mucks, well intended sidekicks and a dash of self doubt blended for all but a trip to the land of BA-BA-SHU.

Nationwide Tours are not for kings, qualifying schools and No-Name Opens sour the mind. T.V.’s best critics find no flaws in Molder’s swing. Recent strong showings should set him free but eyes never lie, he doesn’t believe. Fellow suffers and readers of The Other Side of the Divot understand Bryce Molder, let yourself go, we’re with you.

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