Sunday, June 6, 2010

...and he knows it.

…and he knows it!

Ricky Barnes is good and he knows. Leading after three rounds in last year’s U.S. Open barely raised his marquee value.

One look at him tells all: he strides with confidence, takes you eye to eye and he never looks at the changing numbers in crowded elevators, bet it. Saturday’s 62, eight birdies and an eagle closed the gap between the ie spelling of the leader Rickie Fowler.

Some comments are irreversible. Once upon a time, when all was well in Rory Sabbatini’s head, he made mention that the Tiger was beatable. After three rounds they are tied at 6 under. A savvy committee would pair them.

Phil Mickelson’s putting stroke is perfect; reading the greens is the problem. His caddy, Bones, reads the line from where he’d stand over Phil’s ball if putting. Mr. Bones is right handed and reads greens with his feet. Let’s watch today, is Phil ready for the U.S. Open?